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Maria Friedman

A Livejournal Community

Maria Friedman Livejournal Community
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Maria Friedman
Thank you for stopping by this LiveJournal community dedicated to revered West End and internationally reknown actress/singer Maria Friedman. This journal serves as a collective outlet where any press regarding Ms. Friedman's current projects will be regularly shown. This is not an official page or direct page hosted by Ms. Friedman by any means , and the images, reviews, quotes or other media shown here will be properly referenced whenever necessary. It is a public journal as well, which means you do not have to be a member of livejournal to get the updates seen here.

Also feel free to leave comments and type your name into the text box (non live journal users)

Check the journal to see updates!

Recent Activity:
Sing for Your Supper at Cadogan Hall, August 5-9th

6/20/09 Maria's appeared as ANNA in the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic THE KING AND I and enjoyed a 20 performance run at the Royal Albert Hall June 12-June 28th.

And for members and non-livejournal members, feel free to post your own reviews, experiences and stories following the career of Ms. Friedman at any time you wish! The more the merrier!

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